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Bring Your Truth

Do you ever feel overly self critical? And do you sometimes lose your mind when you can’t figure out what to do about it? I certainly have. Let me ask you this: If a 5 year old child walked up to you and was upset would you tell them it is all their fault and that they’re bad person? Well that’s what many of us do to ourselves on the inside. We succumb to the voices that say we’re worthless, and undeserving. It’s a framework we often developed as children that can govern the way we live as adults.

Here’s how it goes: As children we see those we love criticizing themselves or others. As a result we often change our behavior by acting in a way we believe won’t upset them. We then criticize ourselves by copying and internalizing their voices when feelings we are afraid to show come to the surface because of fear of being punished. This innocent defense mechanism may have seemed to keep us safe in childhood but doesn’t serve us as adults

So what can we do? My solution in my own life is not trying to ignore these voices or feeling bad for having them, it’s actually quite the opposite. I listen to them, I challenge them and redirect them. I choose to see them as a rallying cry and say something like this to myself: “I hear you and I appreciate your input but that is not your role anymore. You’re new role is to keep me safe, set healthy boundaries and teach me how to love myself. So let’s work together on that”. Awareness is the first step cause it breaks the habit. Setting the new intention is next because it is the foundation to create the new framework of who you want to become.

“Inch Away” from my album ‘Shadows’ is an invitation to move past the place of self criticism and into your true self. Here’s and excerpt from the lyrics: “There is room for you to sit, Come through the door get over it, Bring your truth into the space, Come around”.

Click play below to listen to Inch Away and read the rest of the lyrics to get the full story. And be sure to join me on Spotify where I just started uploading select tracks - Thanks!

 Inch Away

Lyrics & Music by John Zay

You're an inch away from love
Yours is energy above
I'm the warmth you are the sound
Come around

Take me through your mind again
The part where you were lost my friend
Down the hole into the ground
Come around

See yourself inside a dream
and take your heart out to be seen
Let the blood run through your veins
Ride the wave....
Ohh Ohh Ohh Ah Ah

There is room for you to sit
Come through the door get over it
Bring your truth into the space
Come around

You're a ministry of faith
I have come just for a taste
My knees are pressed down to the ground
to hear the sound...

Won't you dance again….and again
Won't you dance again….and again

I'm the light that climbs into
Reflecting me reflecting you
There is time to reach the sky
We can fly...
Ohh Ohh Ohh Ah Ah


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