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A chance to give back to a musical hero

While I was in LA I met someone who transformed my life. Angelo Moore, lead singer and Saxophonist of the legendary Fishbone, turned out to be my next door neighbor. As a teenager I always admired Angelo because I knew he was the real thing, a true talent and a musical genius. Our budding friendship led to a working relationship that was an incredible experience of growth for both of us. What I learned from him most is that when he couldn't do something musically he kept trying until he got it without a second thought.

Angelo was struggling to step out of Fishbone and do some more stuff on his own. I was just falling into a new area of study, Shamanic Practices from The Amazon, and was keen on helping myself and others break through emotional and creative blocks. I also had a lot of experience recording musicians.. What began by casually recording Angelo's ideas wound up becoming much more than that. Angelo found a friend in me, someone whom he could trust and open up to. Having my brother on the TV show Scrubs I wasn't under the spell of fame some people have around public figures. I told Angelo the way it was, encouraged him to believe in himself and pursue his musical vision. I let him know that there were musicians all over the world who would love to play with him and it was a great opportunity for him to expand.

Well our little recording project turned into a full on album
…..and a Kickstarter campaign which I launched and successfully raised $25,000 for. Angelo also got to know my music and became a fan - what a compliment! It went so far that he played on some of my tracks including Sax on "Wanderlust" (which you have) as well as doing gospel vocal harmonies on the track "Step Into The Love”. But the most important thing is we influenced each others lives. On a recent email Angelo sent me while on a solo tour he wrote this: "Zay I cannot express to you how much you are an inspiration to me and have been for a long time. Thanks for the words and lessons". For me this is what makes all of the crazy work of being a musician worth every minute….

So my album “Wanderlust” is inspired by those same lessons I learned studying Shamanism and passed on to Angelo.

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