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About Me

I grew up as the youngest by of 4 boys in the suburbs of New York and was exposed to a wide variety of albums from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. My brothers were much older and had all sorts of records in the house from Led Zeppelin, Yes, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Police, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, U2, Rush, and David Bowie among others.

Later my influences expanded with Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction, Alice in Chains, Living Colour and PJ Harvey, the soulful stylings of Seal, Curtis Mayfield and Bob Marley, Drum & Bass from Britain as well as Jazz Fusion and Ambient music. All of these influences can be heard in my current music.

In my late teens I developed a keen interest in personal growth and spirituality. Like many suburban families, expressing and articulating emotions was not a big part of my childhood. Although a good athlete which was easily cherished I was also a sensitive artist type which was less understood. So in my early twenties I went into a depression which became quite overwhelming.

After some mishaps I wound up in therapy for several years and was introduced to spiritual practices. This really helped me creatively and with depression. Eventually I began studying Indigenous Plant Medicines and Shamanism from South America. Lyrically my songs tend to come from this place of deep self-exploration. There are plenty of artists who incorporate this in their work but not many in the rock world.

That’s why I think of my stuff as Heavy Mellow Rock. It’s a combo of lush, ambient soundscapes with groove, riffs and power. Basically I love writing epic songs with a lot of texture and emotion. As a solo artist I’ve released 3 albums and have a fourth one coming out later this year. You can check them out right here.

And yea - my music comes across as serious but I love to joke around - I guess it balances it out....

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