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Background || Mind's Eye

Thank You for checking out Mind's Eye, the 2nd Volume of my music. This music is a continuation from Volume 1 reflecting my study of Shamanic Plant Medicine work during my five years of living in Los Angeles. It was in LA that I was introduced to ceremonial practices from the Amazon and Africa using sacred plant medicines. I set an intention to study down this path and eventually found my way into the hands of an incredible guide from a long Peruvian lineage of what we westerners call a “Shaman”. I initially entered this realm to work on myself but the process was so intensely healing that all aspects of my life were affected, from my relations with my family and friends to my sense of purpose and artistic expression through music. This album is the story of those experiences. It's about my heart opening on a quest towards vulnerability, to find out the nature of the divine Feminine and discover where my true strength culminates as a man. I am dedicating this music to all those who are on a path of self discovery and are courageous enough to embrace a deeper understanding of their creative nature......
-John Zay