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Background || Shadows

Thank you for checking out Shadows, the 3rd Volume of my recording series. In 2012 when going away to study plant medicines, I heard a very strong voice say to me during a ceremony “Don’t Abandon Europe”. I'd always wanted to live and play overseas and after this experience it felt like the right time. From there I embarked on the crazy idea of selling all my stuff, transferring the lease of my home in LA to my friends and taking my girlfriend (now fiancé) and dog on a plane halfway across the world from Los Angeles to Hamburg. I was invited by my friend Rico Bowen of The Mighty Rollers. He called and said that he had a spot in his band for me - he needed a good guitar player who could sing well without a German accent.

So after months scheming and planning off we went and 2 days later I was onstage with him and drummer Jan Ole Jönsson. It was an amazing Adventure but not without it's challenges. This album is an exploration of the Shadow, the hidden parts within us that yearn to emerge. What better place to immerse myself in Shadow work than in the dark and cold winter of Germany. It was quite a difference from the life I had been living in LA. The songs here were conceived and mainly recorded in Hamburg Germany and Sagres Portugal during the 2 years I was there with additional recording back in the states afterwards. Thank You again for checking out the Album!
-John Zay Maschio