Introduction (Free EP)
Introduction (Free EP)

Introduction (Free EP)

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What would it look like if you left everything behind and hopped on a plane to ½ way around the world?

That's exactly what I did leaving LA and playing music in Europe for 2 years…

Listen to what others are saying:

“John Zay is a superb guitar player, lyricist & vocalist as well. I’m a believer and you should be too!”
• Angelo Moore, Lead Singer of Fishbone

“I literally was impressed by what was pumping from my speakers! John Zay has a vocal quality that would mix well in any progressive rock outfit. All of the songs stay well grounded without becoming pretentious. This is just good rock music, and not the standard fare being offered the masses.”
• The Phantom Tollbooth

Now I’m giving away 4 of my best tracks FREE:



“Highs And Lows” is the story of how I left everything behind and moved to Hamburg Germany after an invitation from a Bassist I knew there. I sold everything and with my dog and fiancé hopped on a plane to Germany with as many bags and guitars as we could carry. Three days later I was onstage.

“Shadows” is an Alternative Rock track written while I was living in Hamburg in the midst of playing late night gigs while trying to understand the mass shooting of kids at schools back in the US. I had to surrender to what I couldn’t control and ‘Shadows’ expresses that.

“Mind’s Eye” is an induction into the world of Ayahuasca medicine work. The track has a cool laid back Alt-Prog vibe and explores facing ego death into a place of transformation and healing..

“Wanderlust” is a mellow rock track with a hint of reggae capturing the spirit of a surfing adventure. It features Angelo Moore of Fishbone on Saxophones and Tobias Ralph of The Adrian Belew Power Trio on Drums.

Get all 4 tracks FREE!

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Because as the legendary frontman Angelo Moore said, “I’m a believer and you should be too”

Thank You!
-John Zay